The Miracle Boy

Sylas Anthony Malek Williams, born May 8th, 2014, is coming up on his second birthday. Just a little boy who stole so many hearts when he was born, blessing me with being able to photograph his arrival AND cut his umbilical cord, has given us quiet a few scares along the way. At just a few months old, Sylas was rushed to the hospital after turning blue. I watched one of my best friends watch her son struggle to survive. Sylas now needs a trach to breath and after many tests and sleepless nights was diagnosed with Mecp2 gene mutation. This is a gene mutation that affects the x chromosome, there for most commonly affects females who have two x chromosomes and giving them more of a fighting chance. For Sylas, however, with only having one x chromosome, his fighting chances are slimmer. The mutation in this gene is much like Retts Syndrome and causes Sylas to have a hard time developing brain functions such as breathing, eating, playing, communicating and growing. I love what this little boy has taught me and I have admired how incredibly strong his mother is in the way she handles her situation. Everyday with this beautiful face is a blessing and I am so thankful for him. For all he goes through to survive, he sure is a super Sylas.

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