Brides, It WILL be ok..

Needless to say I have never been a bride myself, but of all the weddings I have photographed I quickly learned that nothing goes 100% as planned, and that's ok! I have witnessed bad weather, broken jewelry, dresses that have ripped or been sewn wrong, wedding vows lost, wedding cakes melting, DJ's not having your wedding song and ending in no DJ at all and many other things that you wanted to go perfectly that never did and honestly never will. Weddings are thought of as your big perfect day- and it is, but not because all the hard work you just put years and months into was exactly as you imagined, It is your big perfect day because you make a vow and promise to that one soul who bonds and clashes perfectly with yours. Together you are perfectly imperfect. The details you put into your wedding are noticed, loved and are perfect, so WILL be ok and embrace every single second of your big day and don't stress the details - we are all there because we love, love.

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