Birth In Black & White

Being a mother, many have asked me about what to expect when giving birth. Every mother is different, every experience is different, but one thing they all have in common is they are painful, long, messy and the most beautiful experience of your life. You will laugh, you will cry and quite possibly even scream. Once you hold your child in your arms none of that pain matters, its like its swiped away and never happened. It was all worth it.

Photographing a birth is a huge honor. If a mother in pain can tolerate you and your camera in her face during hours of agonizing pain then cherish the moment. Your about to experience the gift of life right before your eyes, and your lense.

Here is a glimpse into a birth I photographed for a couple I have known for many years. This was their second son and I am so glad to have been there to capture this time for them. It was not at all the first birth I have witnessed but just as amazing as the next. And one of the most heart warming things I have ever seen was the look Greg gave Vicki and their new baby boy, the look of complete love and content, as he gazed above them.

The female body truly is amazing.

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